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A 17 year old girl who lives in a SHINee WORLD married to the only LEE JINKI, KIM JONGHYUN, KIM KIBUM, CHOI MINHO, and LEE TAEMIN! ... Enough said~ PEACE OUT!!

Key and Jinki’s faces was so serious, it cracked me up ♥ so adorable~ awkward moment when the dance moves they’re teaching is the only dance moves you actually know in the first place -.- and awh the music they used is the one with Jonghyun’s voice!! And btw, Camera crew from all those music programs please copy this way of filming I can truly see all their movements it’s beautiful.. you guys makes me dizzy :’/ and I can’t even post anything when I watch the livestreaming because it’s so hard to capture, DG was bearable but WSS is damn ♥ #SHINee #letsdance #loen #love

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